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State-of-the-art technology makes LABS1503 an effective choice for achieving beauty and health.
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The path that led us here

We were graduates (Daniele Mastracci and Matúš Valach) who stumbled upon the opportunity to take over a company that had just gone bankrupt. We were up against twenty years worth of well-established procedures that people had already grown accustomed to.

We had to change everything. We were frustrated with the standards of Czech healthcare. First-class modern treatment and a client-first approach, LABS1503 brand essences, seemed utopian.

We believed we could do it, so we jumped into the unknown. Jumping into the unknown, by the way, has become an integral part of our corporate DNA.

So we started writing the story of Braces World, which over time became the story of LABS1503.


What is LABS1503?

The LABS1503 brand is the epitome of rebirth, but in healthcare; an embodiment of change that opens the door to finding physical beauty and an improved quality of life through innovation and modern technology.  

The Renaissance was also a huge inspiration for us. It was a period of countless new discoveries and technological advances and a time of genuine admiration for the human body and its beauty.

The word “LABS” in our name alludes to innovation, state-of-the-art approaches, and the never-ending need to keep making progress. The “1503”, on the other hand, is the year that a major Renaissance symbol was created: Leonardo da Vinci's “Mona Lisa”, which is still admired to this day.

We believe that through access to our services, we're bringing a modern Renaissance to the market.


Our Mission

We enable people to reach their full potential and improve their quality of life using the latest technological advances and methods.

We offer novel ways for you to become a better version of yourself, and not just with Instagram filters, but in real life.

We follow the latest trends and bring forth innovations that make our methods discreet, painless, and affordable.


Our Vision

Thanks to our innovations, we’re changing the market for body improvement products from the ground up. It’s a continuous effort of ours to bring forth better and more functional products.

We want to show people that they can take control of their bodies and beauty into their own hands. That the path to achieving their goals is more accessible and gratifying than ever before.

In this way, we’re changing and cultivating the entire market. Our success benefits society as a whole.

We are LABS1503


Daniele Mastracci


Matúš Valach


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