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We joined together to help single parents with difficult life circumstances. When we read the stories of single parents on, they took us to heart. So we decided to give smiles by buying not only basic food, but especially what each parent or their children wanted and what made them sincerely happy.

Lukáš B., Marie K., Jano B., Jano Š., Nelo K., it was an honour to be part of your stories and make your lives just a little bit more smiley.


Promoting the quality of life of people with disabilities

We would like respect, helpfulness, individual approach and consideration in providing care to people with any disability to be a matter of course. The Barborka Day Service Centre stands on these pillars. It helps its clients not only in everyday activities, but also with socialization, education or personal development in a welcoming and stimulating environment. That is why we have teamed up with the centre and supported it so that it can continue to provide its clients with the quality they deserve.


Helping out of trouble

Through the Collection of Difficulties 21 , we decided to support 5 single mothers with a difficult life destiny. Thanks to our monetary donations, they can buy necessities for their children with serious disabilities or finance special care. We helped one of the mothers to arrange housing. Thanks to this, she can live together with her children, which she lost after losing her roof over her head. We were honored to be a part of their stories, to make their lives a little easier and hopefully more smiling.


Free treatment programme for children placed in orphanages

We have never been indifferent to the fate of others, so we decided to help those who have not had it easy in their lives. We teamed up with the Veronika Kašáková Foundation and met a lot of wonderful young people who trusted us and we were able to lead them to their dream smile.

One of our clients is an amazing artist Danča and we are very happy that we can make her happy by donating a beautiful smile. The braces are finished and Danča's treatment is progressing successfully.


We’re continuing with our #WeHelpTheVulnerable project

Right from the start of the #WeHelpTheVulnerable initiative, we knew we wanted to do more than just give out material gifts. We wanted to be involved in the whole process. We also wanted to make senior citizens happy while also giving them something to do to pass the time. That’s why we reached out to the Beauty Help Foundation founded by Taťána Kuchařová and also to the Life 90 Foundation, who were able to direct us to senior citizens living alone who needed our help the most.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic meant we had to maintain social distancing, we still delivered groceries to them in person while also following strict hygiene measures. Not only did the clinic owners who helped make all of this possible participate in the event, but a number of our employees also got involved.


We help by shopping #WeHelpTheVulnerable

We’ve been organising the #WeHelpTheVulnerable charity event since the start of 2020 when all of us were hit by what was then an unknown virus. We decided we weren't just going to stand by. We were going to take action and help the most vulnerable of us all. We brought smiles to people's faces by arranging the delivery of basic groceries and, more importantly, exactly what every senior citizen wished for to make them happy.

And since we at Svět Rovnátek believe there’s no such thing as “too much help”, we didn't just stop at grocery shopping. We also donated a large part of our respirator mask supply to the elderly living in retirement homes and assisted living facilities in Prague.

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